1. warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received; thankful:I am grateful to you for your help.
  2. expressing or actuated by gratitude:a grateful letter.
  3. pleasing to the mind or senses; agreeable or welcome; refreshing.

Often we're told to remember to be grateful for blessings or good fortune. But we should be grateful, period. Gratitude is to be cultivated as a habit or attitude of mind not dependent on conditions.

Gratitude Develops Patience:

Psychologists have corroborated the gratitude-patience link. People with a strong sense of gratitude are more likely to be able to delay gratification, passing on a small reward now in favor of a greater reward later. Developing a sense of gratitude can help shopaholics stop impulse buying, for example.

This shows us that gratitude is also an antidote to greed. Greed often comes from a sense of not having enough, or at least not having as much as everyone else has. Gratitude assures us that what we have is enough; greed and gratitude cannot peacefully coexist, it seems. The same goes for jealousy, regret, resentment, and many other negative emotions.

Gratitude for Difficulties:

Be grateful for difficulties. It's really the difficult times that teach us the most, In certain temples there is a prayer that you make asking for difficulties. "May I be given the appropriate difficulties so that my heart can truly open with compassion. How many of us would dare to ask for that."

Cultivating Gratitude:

To cultivate a mind of gratitude, the most important element is maintaining daily practice, whether chanting or meditation.

And remember to be grateful for the practice.

Moment-to-moment mindfulness and gratitude go hand in hand. A good way to strengthen mindfulness is to set aside some time every day to fully engage in mindfulness.

When you find yourself fretting about things going wrong, remind yourself of what's going right.

Some people may be helped by keeping a gratefulness diary, or at least regularly reflecting on being grateful. It won't happen overnight, but with consistent practice, gratitude will grow.


For all beneficent karma, ever manifested through me, I am grateful.
May this gratitude be expressed through my body, speech, and mind.
With infinite kindness to the past,
Infinite service to the present,
Infinite responsibility to the future.

As you sit down to your Thanksgiving meal, take the time to appreciate and be grateful for yourself, family, friends and strangers. HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

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